Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New York Presbyterian Hospital Ranked Best In The U.S.

New York Presbyterian Hospital has been said to have excellence in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Over the years the hospital has made many new advances in treatment of breast cancer. The breast surgeons of New York Presbyterian Hosiptal were the first to perform mastectomies.They were the first to use sentinel node biopsy.
The New York Presbyterian Hospital takes some of the most challenging cases in breast cancer. Both women with early stage or advanced breast cancer can be treated there with the most "progressive therapeutic" options. They have weekly conferences discussing patient care. Breast surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and specialists all go to these conferences to discuss better treatment solutions. They have come up with a new procedure called ductal lavage. The procedure painlessly takes fluid from the milk ducts in a womens breast and is examined to find an suspicious cells. This is an extraordinary procedure because usually breast cancer cannot be detected until it is seen on a mammogram.
The hospital were also leaders in research on sentinel lymphadenectomy. Sentinel lymphadenectomy is the identification of single key lypmh nodes and basically allows the doctor to see info on the patient while he/she is still in the operating room. They have made new breakthroughs in radiation therapy and chemotherapy. I think any women should consider checking this hospital out. They are prestige and really care about taking care of the patient.

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