Friday, April 24, 2009

Common Threads
Four years ago my mother called to tell me that her best friend and one of my personal female heroines, Lovey Meeker, was diagnosed with cancer. In fact she had thousands of small tumors in her brain. But tumors never start in the brain - they had metastasized from her breast. Lovey died the following year. Ever since Lovey's death I have been addressing the complicated and tragic effects of breast cancer in my work. Cancer is an epidemic. In one year alone cancer will kill nearly twice as many Americans as were killed in all of World War II. And, statistically, this year one woman in every eight will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
By Cynthia O'Dell

Cynthia O'Dell was enlightened by the true affects of breastcancer when her mother told her that her bestfriend had been diagnosed with cancer. She then begun to interview many different women to hear their stories. To know not only the scientific affects of breast cancer in women but the emotional toll that comes with it. Women need to know that they are not alone in this fight. many women are struggling and may have the same story as you and that is what Cynthia O'Dell wanted women to know by telling her story.

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