Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrities that have battled cancer...

Cynthia Nixon from sex and the city was getting her yearly mammogram when she found out she had a tumor growing in her right breast. It wasnt very public at first because she did'nt want paparazzi to blow her situation out of proportion. She under went radiation treatment and an lumpetomy. Cynthia won her battle with cancer as did her mom who also had breast cancer. Cynthia decided to finally tell her story and now she inspires many women today.
I think that Cynthia is an icon for women battling cancer. She is already a well admired woman because of her role on sex and city and looked up to for amazing fashion on the show but now she is a guiding light for woman today. She has not been shy or secretivbe about her situation. She let the world know how important itis to be open and supportive and that it is okay to be vulnerbale.

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