Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here's the 411...

Yesterday I was watching the Oprah Show and it was about Breast Cancer and all different types of women and their stories. The main topics were topics that women tend to stray from or ignore. Like, updated stats, mammograms, breast cancer affecting women of any age and any ethnicity. Breast cancer does not discriminate and that is something women forget about. You do not need a family background of breast cancer to be disgnosed.
Actress Christina Applegate appeared on the show to tell story about her experience with breast cancer. She shared on the show that she choose to remove both of her breast. Throughout the show you could see her obvious emotional trauma from her battle to rid the cancer from he body. Christina said, "I made sure that I have close-up photographs of them from every angle so I can kind of remember them," That was a very moving part of the show for me. Those words touched because as a woman our breast are something that makes us a woman. They are glamorized and to just give them up to win the fight for your life is an amazing thing. She showed her strength and not only put on a hard exterior she also showed how she would miss having her breast and how she went about dealing with them being removed. Kudos to Christina and her bravery.
Throughout the show I have learned that breast cancer may sometimes not be detected with a mammogram. Christina A. said she would fight for women to have MRI's and genetic testing. Many insurance companies do not pay for those procedures. I learned that a simple blood test can determine whether a woman has BRCA gene mutation and if you have a gene mutation, your chances of developing breast cancer are higher. It was said on the show that you should get tested if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer before you turned 50, had ovarian cancer, had a male family member with breast cancer, had breast cancer in one breast and then again in the other breast, or if you have lost family members to breast cancer before they turned 50. All the information given on the show was so enlightening. I think every women should go to Oprah. com and watch the episode. Just type breast cancer in the search box and the episode will come up.

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